Secretly Record Their Computer Activity

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For Windows 10, 8, 7, VISTA, XP

Capture Screenshots

facebook recordingScreenshots of their activity tell a thousand words and show everything.

OM Spy secretly records screenshots of the target users activity so you will know exactly what they viewed and when.


See Websites Visited

google keyloggerEvery website visited is recorded. This includes all sites accessed from clicking on links, searched for and manually typed in.

This feature is superior to standard history within web browsers, because OM Spy website logs can not be deleted by anyone except you, and are only visible to you.



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Protect Your Children With Parental Monitoring
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+ Completely Undetectable  + Password Protected  + Super Easy to Use



Know What's Typed

word keyloggerRecord everything they typed and know when it was written.

OM SPY logs every key pressed, all text written and information typed. This process remains completely hidden even to the most technically savvy users.


Facebook, Twitter, Chat

facebook keylogger twitter keyloggerGet to social website activity and chat data fast. OM Spy has a handy filter option enabling you to quickly get to the data you need.

All secretly recorded website activity can be filtered. This saves you hours of looking through recordings. Simply clicking the Facebook link will only show facebook usage. Clicking the twitter filter will only show twitter activity.


Cheating spouses, mischievous teens, and job hunting employees should all be extremely nervous. OM Spy secretly logs everything and tells all. OM Spy is so easy to use even the most unsophisticated computer user can set-up and monitor computer usage in minutes. We recommend this program for all users – it’s super easy to use and provides powerful stealth recording.

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Remote Viewing

remote viewingSometimes it can be difficult, time consuming and risky to get the secretly recorded logs from the target computer.

OM Spy enables you to view the logs remotely from any device connected to the internet, be that your smartphone, iPhone, laptop, tablet or work computer.



invisible keyloggerThe process of recording is well hidden from the user. OM Spy doesn’t appear in the programs list, uninstall list, taskbar or program manager.

OM Spy automatically and secretly starts recording each time the computer is turned on, ensuring the user will not notice anything.



View Emails

email keyloggerCapture all emails sent and read.

This includes web based email such as Yahoo Mail and Google Mail plus software programs such as Microsoft Outlook.


Super Easy!

easy to use keyloggerOM Spy is designed to be easy to use and understand.

You can download, install and have OM Spy working for you in less than 5 minutes!


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OM Spy is a powerful program that records all aspects of computer usage. Much more than just a keylogger, the program delivers comprehensive information about computer use in a variety of formats.

The program’s interface is simple and intuitive. Users need only set a key combination and password in order to access the program later, click Start Monitoring, and OM Spy does the rest. Accessing the information that the program gathers is easy, and the data is almost creepily detailed. Users can view keystrokes, Web sites, and screenshots taken every 30 seconds. All of the data is time-stamped, providing a clear timeline of computer activity. The program offers two “stealth levels,” allowing the program to become all but undetectable even by advanced users. In addition to viewing the information on the computer that’s being monitored, users can have the data e-mailed to them or they can access it remotely through the publisher’s Web site. We were impressed with how easy all of this was to set up and how thoroughly our computer use was recorded. Cheating spouses, mischievous teens, and job-hunting employees should all be very nervous; OM Spy tells all, and even the most unsophisticated user can set it up and start monitoring computer usage in a matter of minutes.

OM Spy has a 30-day trial period and it installs and uninstalls without issues. The trial period lasts for seven days or five viewings of the data, whichever comes first. We recommend this program for all users.

OM Spy

5 / 5


Simple to use with good recordings

Happy to report i found what i needed, the program looks basic which makes it simple to use but was pretty good at getting the data i needed

Looks a little basic but does the job

OM Spy

5 / 5


OM Spy is a lightweight Windows application whose purpose is to help you record keystrokes and webpages, and take screenshots. The tool is not detectable to other users because it runs in a hidden mode, and you can gain access to its panel only if you know the correct hotkey and master password.

Recording modes

The utility lets you monitor other users’ activity by generating a summary with all actions, viewing keystrokes (you can search throughout the text and print or export data to Word), taking screenshots (images can be previewed in full size, slideshow or thumbnails), and checking out all visited websites, which can be filtered by category and filter name.

Visited webpages can be recorded from any web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.

Initial configuration settings

The program opens up with the configuration panel. The initial tweaks can be carried out using a wizard-like assistant. You only need to follow the built-in steps in order to complete the process.

You can assign a user-defined keyboard shortcut for showing or hiding the tool, set up a master password in order to prevent other users from making changes to the app’s settings, and provide an email address where you can receive your key combination, password and instructions about how to access the recordings in case you forget them.

User interface

OM Spy sports a clean feature lineup that allows you to access all your recordings. The recordings are displayed by date and username. You can also check out the logs remotely from your phone, tablet or another computer.

A help manual is included in the package in case you have any questions regarding the program’s capabilities.
Schedule recordings and tweak the stealth level

The application gives you the possibility to schedule recordings on specific days of the week and at custom time intervals.

You are allowed to configure the stealth level of the utility by choosing between two modes: medium and high. The second one offers a higher degree of protection because OM Spy is not shown in the Task Manager.

General options

You can make the tool automatically take screenshots at a custom number of seconds, automatically delete logs after a certain number of days or clear all logs with a single click, pick the directory where you can save logs, uninstall the utility, as well as edit the master password.


OM Spy impresses with its ease of use which allows even less experienced users to set up the process in no time. Plus, you can record all computer activity without being detected.

OM Spy

4.5 / 5

Did we Mention Super Easy?!

OM Spy is designed to be easy to use and understand.

You can download, install and have OM Spy working for you in less than 5 minutes!

The process of recording keystrokes, screenshots and websites visited is completely hidden from the user. OM Spy doesn’t appear in the programs list, uninstall list, taskbar, program manager and is invisible to spyware detection programs. This ensures even the most technically savvy computer users wont be aware.

OM Spy automatically starts each time the computer is turned on, or a new user logs on, and records all activity. However while this is happening the user will not notice anything, and will be totally unaware of this program – because its completely invisible and hidden.