Secretly Record Their Computer Activity

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Capture Screenshots

facebook recordingPictures tell a thousand words and show everything.

OM Spy secretly records screenshots of the target users activity so you will know exactly what they viewed and when.


See Websites Visited

google keyloggerEvery website visited is recorded. This includes all sites accessed from clicking on links, searched for and manually typed in.

This feature is superior to standard history within web browsers, because OM Spy website logs can not be deleted by anyone except you, and are only visible to you.



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+ Completely Undetectable  + Password Protected  + Super Easy to Use



Know What's Typed

word keyloggerRecord everything typed and when it was written.

OM SPY logs every key pressed, all text written and information typed. This process remains completely hidden even to the most technically savvy users.


Facebook, Twitter, Chat

facebook keylogger twitter keyloggerGet to social website and chat data fast – OM Spy has a handy filter option enabling you to quickly get to the data you need.

Recorded websites can be filtered, so clicking the “facebook” link will only show facebook pages viewed, or clicking “twitter” will only show twitter pages viewed.


Cheating spouses, mischievous teens, and job hunting employees should all be extremely nervous. OM Spy secretly logs everything and tells all. OM Spy is so easy to use even the most unsophisticated computer user can set-up and monitor computer usage in minutes. We recommend this program for all users – it’s super easy to use and provides powerful stealth recording.

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Remote Viewing

remote viewingSometimes it can be difficult, time consuming and risky to get the secretly recorded logs from the target computer.

OM Spy enables you to view the logs remotely from any device connected to the internet, be that your smartphone, iPhone, laptop, tablet or work computer.



invisible keyloggerThe process of recording is well hidden from the user. OM Spy doesn’t appear in the programs list, uninstall list, taskbar or program manager.

OM Spy automatically and secretly starts recording each time the computer is turned on, ensuring the user will not notice anything.



View Emails

email keyloggerCapture all emails sent and read.

This includes web based email such as Yahoo Mail and Google Mail plus software programs such as Microsoft Outlook.


Super Easy!

easy to use keyloggerOM Spy is designed to be easy to use and understand.

You can download, install and have OM Spy working for you in less than 5 minutes!


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