PC Monitoring Software

Monitor their online activity, screenshots and see the people they chat to.

Monitor & Protect Them

OM Spy is PC monitoring software for Windows. It enables you to easily record their computer and laptop activity.

Monitor them using undetectable digital surveillance software. Once OM Spy is installed on their device you will see everything they did.

Protect them by seeing their chats, website history and activity screenshots. Protect them from social media bullying, scams, gaming additions and worrying patterns of behaviour.

Monitor & Protect

5-Minute Setup

OM Spy is easy to setup and use. You can have OM Spy installed and monitoring their computer in under 5 minutes.

Once installed you can view recordings remotely. You have the power to monitor their computer from the comfort of your iPhone, iPad, Android, laptop or PC.

  • Invisible and undetectable
  • See everything typed
  • View screenshots
  • Get complete web history
  • See social media usage and chats
  • Monitor remotely
  • Easy To use
Monitor Computer Activity