Record Their Computer & Laptop Activity

Secretly Record Their Screen Activity, Website History, Keystrokes, Emails & Facebook Without Detection

Undetectable Spy Software

OM Spy enables you to record computer activity in secret without being detected. With OM Spy it's super easy to start recording their computer activity in total secrecy.

Think of OM Spy as providing undetectable digital surveillance for a computer. Once you've installed OM Spy on the targets computer or laptop you will see everything they did.

  • Super Easy to Use
  • Undetectable
  • Password Protected

Get Spying In Less Than 5 Minutes

OM Spy is super easy to set-up and use. Once purchased you can have OM Spy installed and spying in less than 5 minutes. OM Spy runs with the target having no clue everything is being monitored in secret.

View recordings from the computer itself or over the internet. Remote viewing is a powerful feature. It enables you to view the recordings from any device in total privacy. This gives the power to view recordings from the comfort of your iPhone, iPad, Android device, laptop or PC.

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