About Us

Formed 2005

Back in 2005 after trying lots of free and paid for keyloggers, we quickly realised they were mostly difficult to understand, confusing and frustrating. We therefore designed and launched OM Spy to be the easiest to use keylogging software product available.

After great reviews and lots of satisfied customers, we continued to make many iterations over the years. Eventually we had created a feature packed solution to secretly monitor all aspects of modern computer activity.

Today we're always improving the software and are always looking to add useful and relevant spy features whilst sticking to our philosophy of ease of use.

OM Spy Secretly Records Computer Activity

Customer Satisfaction

It’s one thing making great software, but it’s also extremely important for us to support our customers.

Because of this we’ve had 1000’s of great reviews. Additionally all our customers get free technical support with each purchase. And to prove our commitment to OM Spy, every purchase is covered by our our generous 30 day money back guarantee.

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Our Location

We're a UK company based in London.

OM Spy
20 Hanover Square
United Kingdom