21 Reasons To Use Secret Spy Software Right Now

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21 Reasons to Use Secret Spy Software

There are many reasons why software that can secretly monitor a computer and laptop can be extremely useful. However, many people are reluctant to use this category of spy software because they feel it’s somehow unsafe or wrong. That simply isn’t true though when it’s used for honest purposes. This article will inform you of the benefits and scenarios where spy software can be indispensable.

  1. Super easy to install

    Most spy software programs are very small in filesize and take a short time to install. Ours is super simple to install too. Seriously all you need to do is click the download button and follow the onscreen instructions. It can take you less than 5 minutes.

  2. Another pair of eyes

    Spy software enables you to see full screen snapshots of activity done on the computer. It’s as if you were watching them using the computer. Usually the screenshot intervals are quite short. Our software takes a screenshot every 20 seconds. This can be adjusted anywhere between every 5 seconds and every 60 seconds. This means you can sit back and watch all the screen grabs to see exactly what was done.

  3. Keep track of everything written

    Keyloggers is a word used to describe the action of recording everything someone typed with their computer or laptop keyboard. Recording keystrokes enables you to track everything that was written. This can give you a complete history of text entered. A small example could be: emails sent, websites visited, documents written and chat messages.

  4. The ultimate way to view website history

    All modern browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome record a user’s web viewing activity. You can normally get the website history by simply viewing the history section in any browser. So why would you use spy software instead to view their website history? Easy, a user can disable web history from the browser. They can deactivate it entirely. They can view sites in private or incognito mode. They can also manually delete the logs. These modes all hide a user’s website history from you. Rest assured however, spy software will have recorded all the webpages and sites visited regardless of how hard they tried to cover their tracks. Therefore, spy software is superior for monitoring websites visited.

  5. Save time by filtering websites visited

    You now know spy software is the best way to monitor websites viewed. But we didn’t mention that you can save time by filtering by website sector. Only want to see social websites they visited? No problem. Only interested in shopping sites they use or adult sites or gambling sites? No problem. This can save you hours of endlessly looking around. One click and only websites that fit in certain category will be shown.

  6. See popular and well-known website activity

    View all Facebook activity, view all emails written, view all skype conversations and chats. Spy software offers you powerful options not available anywhere else. Imagine trying to get this data by any other means. It would take forever. Furthermore, the user would know they were being watched. This is where spy software can really be a necessary application for your computer and laptop.

    Secretly Record Facebook

  7. You can view from your phone

    Most spy software programs require that you must view the recorded data from the physical computer or laptop. Better monitoring solutions enable you to view the data remotely. This means you can install the software once and you’re good. You’ll never need to access the computer or laptop the spy software was installed on. Our software gives you the option of both. So how does this work? You provide an email and choose a password on set-up. To view the logs, you visit our website and sign in with these details. Yep, it’s that easy. You can sign in to our secure website and view the recordings from your phone, tablet, work computer. You can view the recorded data from any device connected to the web.

  8. It's invisible

    Your computer is doing thousands of calculations right now. You don’t see them. But they happened. Spy software works the same. It silently and invisibly goes about recording keys typed, websites visited and general activity. It silently takes screenshots of their screen and puts this in a super easy to read way for you. The person being recorded will have no idea.

  9. It's legal

    Our monitoring spy software is totally legal if the purchaser installs it on a computer they own or they’re responsible for. This means under these terms you will not be violating laws. However, if you are worried about this, please consult your local laws for clarification. It’s down to you if you want to inform the user they’re being monitored or if you don’t want to tell them.

Scenarios for using spy software

Now you’ve read about the power of spy software, you might be wondering how it could work in real world scenarios. Everybody’s needs are different but we’ve listed many situations where spy software can be extremely useful. The below points are varied from daily due diligence to more serious uses. This demonstrates the broad and varied use cases in which good quality spy software can be essential. Who would have thought you could do so much with secret surveillance software!

  1. Parental Control

    Protecting your children from harm online is just as important as the in real world. As a parent or carer, you can play an important role in helping your children have safe online experiences. OM Spy offers you a great all round parental control software package which enables you to make sure everything they have done and viewed online was safe. You’ll easily be able to see any inappropriate websites visited, any worrying chats or even if they played computer games instead of doing their homework!

  2. Spouse Monitoring and Partner Monitoring

    In a perfect world this would never be needed. Unfortunately, partners can cheat, hide information and be up to no good. If you feel something isn’t right, OM Spy can be a useful friend for your spouse monitoring software needs. If you’ve ever wondered who exactly your partner is chatting with and what those sneaky emails contained you can find out with OM Spy. You can see all websites visited if you suspect they might be viewing online dating sites or excessively using adult content sites.

  3. Employee Monitoring

    Employee monitoring software is vital if you want to stop wasting money and potentially have business data stolen. You can easily see staff that aren’t being productive. You can find employees who browse the web all day by viewing their web history in detail. This is because our spy software enables you to see all their website viewing, emails, chats, words typed and shows a play back of their screen activity.

    Sadly, employees do steal client data, business secrets and share important confidential documents. Monitoring policies can be set in place to let employees know that they may be being watched, therefore enabling you to keep on top of employee computer activity so that you can prevent these situations or act fast with hard evidence.

    Secretly Record Websites Visited

  4. Student Monitoring

    If you have computers that students use, misuse is a thing of the past. All recorded data is linked to individual users and tracked for your security. See students that are accessing inappropriate websites, misusing their time or are engaged in inappropriate chat messages. OM Spy is great student monitoring software because it remains totally hidden yet records everything your students did on the computer.

  5. Personal Security

    When your personal computer or laptop is left unattended, are you suspicious that someone else might be using it? With OM Spy you’ll be able to see who used it and everything they did. Are they trying to access sensitive information, are they trying to get your credit card information or are they just being nosey? With our personal monitoring software, you will find out. Furthermore, by using the remote viewing option, you can keep check of your devices from the comfort of your phone and tablet devices.

  6. Personal Management

    Maybe you want to analysis the time you spend online. Maybe your new year’s resolution was to stop going on Facebook. You might want to watch playbacks of your computer sessions to see how productive you are. Whatever your personal goal, you’ll be surprised how much you learn about yourself when played back.

  7. Extreme Cases

    If there is a case of gambling with a loved one, you will know very quickly if they’ve relapsed. Imagine If a family member was trying to buy drugs online, you could stop it. Find out if excessive adult material consumption or violent video watching is happening.

    Whilst these are clearly extreme uses and not to be taken lightly, using a spy software program could help in these extreme circumstances by providing an insight in to their behaviour so that you help prevent these things from escalating.

Spy software is easy to use

We designed OM Spy to be the easiest and most straight-forward computer spy software available. You'll find OM Spy a breeze to use at every step because of its clean and easy to understand interface.

  1. There’s great step by step guides

    Think you’ll get stuck putting software on a computer or laptop? Maybe your very computer savvy but unsure about this sort of software. We understand and many customers have asked these same questions.

    That’s why we created a super handy guide to get you started with spy software. The guide covers downloading the software, installing the software and setting it up for the very first time. The guide also covers viewing secret recordings. By following the intuitive guide, you can install and have spy software working for you in under 5 minutes.

    Secretly Record Screenshots

  2. Help and support if you get stuck

    If you get stuck or you have a question, then it’s likely we’ve answered it before. This means we can be a great help. We have a useful FAQ section. You are also very welcome to contact us for general questions and technical support questions – we’re happy to help.

  3. Customers rate it highly

    For over 12 years we’ve strived to ensure every customer is satisfied with OM Spy. Because of this approach we've had hundreds of great reviews from our valued users. It’s one thing making great spy software, but it’s also extremely important for us to support our customers.

  4. No worries

    Our software is 100% safe to download, install and use. We’ve created a fantastic step-by-step guide which shows how to get OM Spy working in a matter of minutes. Once set up, OM Spy will handle everything for you.

    Simply unhide the application to view the recordings and edit settings. If you set up the remote viewing spy feature, then sit back and view the recordings from the comfort of your phone, tablet or any device connected to the web.

    If for any reason OM Spy needs to be removed, rest assured we’ve created a guide for that too. It takes less than 60 seconds to uninstall OM Spy.

  5. Great Value

    Powerful and advanced spy software which is also easy to use might sound an expensive proposition. However, OM Spy is priced extremely reasonably. The best value version for home users in OM Spy Essential. This can be installed on up to 3 computers and laptops to monitor all their activity. The best version for offices is OM Spy Professional which can be used to monitor up to 6 devices, with bulk licenses available for larger offices. All versions except OM Spy Lite come with every single feature, including our very popular Remote Viewing service.

Check OM Spy out for yourself!

The next step is to try OM Spy for yourself. OM Spy can be purchased with a 30 day back money guarantee. We’ve listed many good reasons why you might need spy software. Hopefully we’ve helped with any worries and questions you might have about this type of product. If not, please feel free to ask any questions via our contact form.

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