OM Spy User Manual

This user manual covers the settings and options of OM Spy.

If you would like to view download and install instructions, please read the step-by-step installation guide first.

Unhide OM Spy

To view secret recordings and change settings mentioned in this user manual, OM Spy needs to be open or unhidden if not already open. Please read the unhide guide for how to do this.

View Recordings From The Computer

To access this area double click a date from the main screen or select a date and press View. View Spy Recordings From Computer The logs are arranged by date and username. Please note that the list will not display dates for data that has been auto-deleted.

You will be taken to a new screen, where you can select the items to view: View Spy Recordings Of Keylogs, Screenshots and Websites

View Keystrokes

To access this area click the Keystrokes button on the left menu.
View Spy Recordings Of Keylogs This screen shows all of the text that was typed. It also shows text that was pasted from the clipboard.
The text is organised by time, with the most recently typed text at the bottom of the screen.
If the computer was switched on and off multiple times throughout the day, all of the data will still be shown for that whole day. If there is no data it is because the user did not press any keys, or type anything.

To search the keystrokes press the Search button, or to print it off press the Print button.

View Screenshots

To access this area click the Screenshots button on the left menu. This area shows all snapshots of their screen throughout the day as thumbnails.
View Spy Recordings Of Screenshots Individual Screenshots
To view the full size image from a thumbnail, simply double click the image, or the press the view button below each screenshot. The full size images can be looked through by pressing the Next and Previous buttons, or by using the drop down menu. This enables you to easily flick through the screenshots of their computer activity. Additionally you have the option to save a screenshot as a .jpg file, or print it off by pressing the Save and Print buttons.
View Spy Recordings Of Individual Screenshots
To view a slideshow of their screen activity, click the Screenshot Movie tab and then press the Play button. You can adjust the speed of playback with the speed slider. You can pause the movie on any frame, and view a full size image of that frame by pressing the view button found under the movie box.
View Spy Slideshow Of Screenshots

View Websites

To access this area click the Websites button on the left menu. This area shows all the websites and webpages they accessed.
View Spy Recordings Of Website History
All Activity
If you click All Websites Visited you can view every single webpage viewed in time order.

Filter by Name
If you click the Websites by Name tab you can see if any popular websites have been used. This is useful if your interested in specific website activity.
View Spy Recordings Of Website History by Website Name
Filter by Category
If you click the Websites by Category tab you can see if any websites falling in the below categories have been viewed.
View Spy Recordings Of Website History by Website Category
To search the list of websites visited press the Search button, or to print it off press the Print button.

Export Data

To access this area click the Export Data button on the left menu. This section enables you to export all or some of the recorded data into a word document for your records.
Export Recordings Of Computer Activity
To do this simply select the data that you want to be exported:
Download Recordings Of Computer Activity
Then press the Export button, and choose where you want to save the file to.
Save Recordings Of Computer Activity
Please note that it make take several minutes to process the data if there is a large amount of it.

View Recordings Remotely

You can also view the logs remotely over the internet from any device connected to the internet, including from another computer, your phone and tablet devices. To find out how, please visit the Remote Viewing guide.

Schedule Recordings

To access this area click Settings from the main screen.

You can schedule this program to record data at certain times. The day is divided into 4 sections, and you can choose which parts of the day to record. By default the program records all the time.

For example the below schedule would only record data for Monday and Tuesday at 12pm (noon) to 6pm.
It would record data for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday all day long.
It would not record any data for Saturday and Sunday.
Schedule Recordings


To access this area click Settings from the main screen.

Screenshot Intervals

By default the program records a screenshot every 20 seconds. If you wish to increase this to 10 second intervals or decrease this to say every 60 seconds then simply press the arrows. If you do not want to record screenshots, simply untick the Take Screenshots box.
Set Intervals Of Screenshots

Log History

If the computer being monitored is monitored for lengthy periods the logs could become large in size. To stop this the logs are by deleted after 14 days by default. In other words the logs are always from the last 14 days.

To alter this simply press the up and down button.
Set Length Screenshots Are Stored For
If you wish to clear the logs straight away simply click the Clear all Logs now button.

Log Location

If you want the log records and screenshot images to be sent to a specific directory then select the Store in a different directory option and enter the full directory path in to the box.

For example c:/users/me/mydocuments/keylogs. (with no / at the very end). Also note that the directory must exist - the program does not create it.

To make this take effect click the Update Log Directory button. If this directory exists the program will save the logs to that directory instead of the default one. Please note that you can still use the View Log History feature.
Spy Screenshots Location

Stop / Uninstall

Stop Recording And Close

To access this area click the red dot at the top right of the main screen.

To close the application for this session click the red button found towards the top right of the screen, and select Stop Monitoring for this session and select OK.

Next time the computer is turned on OM Spy will start up as normal as this function simply closes the application down and stops all recording for the current session.
Stop Recording And Close


To access this area click the Uninstall link at the top right of the main screen.
Then enter the code in to the box and click the Uninstall button. Upon a confirm uninstall message, this will completely remove the program from your computer and no more recordings will be made.
Please note you can't uninstall this program from the 'Add/Remove Programs' area in the control panel, or the program files folder. This is because the program has been designed to run completely hidden. To safely uninstall this program properly, please follow the above steps.

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