We get asked questions everyday about our software. Some questions are technical, some are general and now and then get some weird ones! We’ve listed the 6 most common ones below, to save you time and answer your questions.

1. Is it Complicated?

Years ago, after trying lots of free and paid for keyloggers, we realised most were bad. They were hard to understand and frustrating. So, we launched OM Spy to be the easiest to use keylogging software product available. We’re always improving OM Spy too. Through the years we’ve added many new features – whilst sticking to our philosophy of ease of use. It’s important to us!

We’ve created a user guide to make downloading, installing and configuring OM Spy easy. This has been clearly written and we reckon anyone should be able to have OM Spy up and running in no time using it.

2. Is it Safe?

OM Spy is easy to use and is safe to download, install and use. The program has been tested as 100% safe by the largest security companies.

3. Is it Expensive?

OM Spy is a powerful and advanced spy software package, but is also easy to use. This might sound an expensive proposition. Yet, our pricing is very reasonable.

The best value for home users is OM Spy Essential. You can install on up to 3 laptops and computers. This enables you to track all their activity whatever device they use.

The best version for office users is OM Spy Professional. You can install on up to 6 laptops and computers. Bulk licenses are available for larger offices.

4. Can I Be Found Out?

OM Spy records everything the user does on their laptop and computer in secret. The user will be unaware everything they do is being recorded by OM Spy. Our program works as a background process and is invisible and undetectable. It doesn’t appear in file systems, menus, programs list, uninstall list, taskbar or program manager. OM Spy is undetectable by any normal method.

Because OM Spy is undetectable, only you can access it. To launch it you use a secret keyboard combination of keys and then enter your secret password.

5. What is Remote Viewing?

It could be difficult and risky to access the recordings from the computer OM Spy is recording. Remote viewing powerful feature that enables you to view the recordings remotely. You can sign in from our secure website to view the logs – instead of having to access the device being monitored.

Once signed in to your account, you can view the recorded data. This could be from your iPhone, iPad, Android device, laptop or PC – as if you were checking your email. You’ll amazed at how simple it is set up the OM Spy remote viewing option. Especially so as it takes less than 30 seconds to activate!

6. Is it Easy to Remove?

If you’ve tried the program and it’s not for you, or your uninstalling from an old device, OM Spy is easy to remove. Because OM Spy is hidden, it wont appear in the remove programs list. Instead you have to unhide the application first. Then press a few buttons, confirm, and OM Spy is completely removed. We’ve created guides to walk you through the process should you need to remove OM Spy from a device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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