OM Spy runs on any Windows computer or Windows laptop. All versions will work, including Windows 11, 10 and older versions such as 8, 7, VISTA & XP. The program needs to be downloaded to the computer(s) you wish to monitor. 

1. Download OM Spy

If you haven’t download OM Spy yet, please download it to the target computer or laptop.

2. Install OM Spy

Once downloaded, launch the program and follow the install procedure. This is a one-time process.

3. Set-up OM Spy

Once installed, follow the set-up procedure. This is a one-time process.

4. Start Spying

From now on, every time the computer is turned on, or a new user logs on, OM Spy will automatically and secretly record all of their activity.

If you purchased OM Spy please click the unlock button, otherwise please purchase OM Spy. Then input the unlock code that was emailed to you in the box that appears and press OK.

OM Spy is now fully installed and set-up. You will never have to repeat the previous steps.

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