OM Spy is a software product. You download and install it to a Windows computer or laptop. It enables you to record computer activity in total secrecy. This means that OM Spy records everything they do in complete stealth, with them having no clue.

A good analogy is to think of OM Spy as providing an undetectable surveillance system for computers. Once installed the application will record everything. The below list, details everything OM Spy can record:

1. Screenshots

OM Spy captures screenshots of their screen. This means you can see what they saw – as if you were at the computer with them. The shear amount of knowledge you can get from seeing the screen grabs will really impress you. For convenience, the application lets you can view the screenshots individually in full size. You can also view a slide show of to save time.

2. Social Media

OM Spy logs their social media activity. This covers many popular sites, such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit and many more.

3. Emails

OM Spy records their emails. What email they use isn’t an issue, because all are recorded. Online email like Yahoo Mail, for example, is recorded. Email applications like Outlook and Thunderbird, for example, are recorded.

4. Chats

OM Spy logs their online chats and chats on messaging applications downloaded to their computer.

5. Websites

OM Spy captures details of every website, web search and link clicked. The website recording feature is more powerful than the history given by browsers.

Even if the user deletes their web history from the browser, the logs remain for you to see with OM Spy. Even if in private mode, OM Spy will record everything.

The recorded web data is sorted in time order to make it easy to understand. There are also filters to see types of websites viewed, such as ecommerce sites, social site, adult sites, etc.

6. Typing

OM Spy logs every word typed. This lets you find out what they typed on websites, search engines, emails, letters and many more.

7. Easy To Use – You Wont Break The Computer!

Part of our core philosophy is ease of use. That’s why OM Spy is one of the easiest to use keylogging software products out there.

It’s also super easy to download, install and set-up. We created a fantastic user guide for our customers, to make downloading, installing and configuring the program easy. This has been clearly written and we reckon anyone, even a computer novice, will be able to have OM Spy up and running in no time.

8. You Wont Get Busted

OM Spy records everything in secret. They’ll be unaware what they do is being tracked and logged by OM Spy. It works as a background process and is invisible and undetectable. It doesn’t appear in the file system, menus, list, taskbars or program managers. OM Spy is undetectable. Only you can access it with a secret keyboard combination and password.

It could be risky to access the recordings from the computer or laptop that OM Spy is recording. Remote viewing is a feature that lets you view the recordings from our secure website instead.

Once signed in, you can view the recorded data from your iPhone, iPad, Android device, laptop or PC – similar to checking your email. You’ll amazed at how simple it is set up the OM Spy remote viewing option.

Check OM Spy out for yourself!

The next step is to try OM Spy for yourself. OM Spy can be purchased with a 30 day back money guarantee. We’ve explained what spy software is and how safe it is. Hopefully we’ve helped with any concerns you might have about this type of software. If not, please contact us via our contact form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What computer do I need to use OM Spy software? OM Spy works the on the latest version of Windows. In fact OM Spy works perfectly on any computer...

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