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Employee Monitoring Software

Monitor Your Employees Computer & Laptop Activity

OM Spy monitors your employees computer and laptop activity. Protect them and your business with secure employee monitoring software.

Monitor your employees using our invisible and undetectable digital surveillance software. Once installed you will see everything.

Protect your employees by making sure they're using time productively. Gain knowledge of potential disputes, bullying or stress they might be experiencing. Get to the root problem if they are constantly missing deadlines.

OM Spy is easy to setup and use, and a one-time install takes under 5 minutes. Once installed view recordings remotely from the comfort of your iPhone, iPad, Android, laptop or PC.

Monitor Employees Online

Monitor Your Employees Online & Computer Usage

Below are the main 3 areas you can monitor. Please take the product tour for a full overview of our employee monitoring software options.

  1. Website History
    Record every website, web search and link clicked on. It doesn't matter which browser they use. Chrome, Edge, Firefox and IE are all recorded. OM Spy will still record all their activity even if they use private or incognito mode.

    Superior to the standard web history option found in browsers. Even if they delete their web history, OM Spy has already recorded everything to your account.
  2. Screenshots
    OM Spy takes frequent snapshots of their computer screen. You can view hundreds of screenshots to get a real insight of their online activity. This gives you the power to view everything, as if you were sitting at the computer or laptop with them.
  3. Keylogs
    Keylogging enables you to track everything they typed. For example see: chats written, web searches and documents. You will see everything they typed via any type of program.

Employee Privacy On Your Terms

Recordings identify employees by their username. Alternatively you can set this to be anonymous. This means full access to tracking data as usual, but you can’t see details about the individual.

OM Spy records employees website history, screenshots and keylogs by default. You can choose to optionally not record some of these if you prefer. For example you could choose to only record internet usage.

Privacy On Your Terms

How It Works

Record Employee Usage

How It Works - 1

OM Spy is installed on employees computers & laptops. This is one time action. It then invisibly records computer activity reliably everyday.

Sends to Your Account

How It Works - 2

The recordings are encrypted and sent to your secure online account. This includes screenshots, websites visited & text typed

View From Anywhere

How It Works - 3

Log in to your OM Spy account and view the recordings. You can use any device with a web browser, e.g. your phone, tablet, PC and laptop.

Protect Your Business Against Unproductive Staff

Protect Your Business Against Unproductive Staff

OM Spy empowers managers to see how staff use their time. Spot employees wasting business time and money on things such as:

  • Personal internet usage
  • Excessive amounts of inactivity
  • Using Slack or Teams for non-work related chats
  • Using inefficient work practices
  • Being slow at their tasks

Spot major issues. For example, if they are:

  • Looking for jobs
  • Sharing sensitive data with outsiders
  • Bad-mouthing colleagues and/or the company
  • Posting negative messages about your business online
  • Exposing your business to scams, which could effect you financially

Protect Your Business From Excessive Internet Usage

OM Spy enables managers to see how staff use the internet. See employees using sites they shouldn't be, such as:

  • Using personal social media
  • Watching videos online
  • Shopping online
  • Reading news articles
  • Personal online chats and email
  • Browsing non-work related websites
  • Personal admin such as paying bills
  • Online gaming
  • Adult and gambling site use
Protect Your Business From Excessive Internet Usage

Employees wasting time at work is nothing new. With remote working the internet and chat applications are ever present. It's still a problem many companies experience, and unfortunately, most companies are effected:

89% Waste Time

89% of workers admit to wasting time every day at work.

2.9hrs Lost Per Day

Employees spend an average 2.9 hours per workday doing non-work activities.

64% Use Websites Not Work Related

64% of employees admit to visiting non-work-related websites at work every day.

Some Employees Work Under 3 Hours Per Day

An average employee is productive for less than 3 hours per working day.

45% Read The News

45% of staff say they read the news at work.

20% Waste Time Due To Being Bored

20% of workers say that they waste time at work because they’re bored or uninterested in their job.

Protect Your Business From Internal Issues

Protect Your Business From Internal Issues

The need for employee monitoring can often emerge after a disputable or inexplicable situations.

Protect employees and your business by seeing information about potential issues you otherwise may not have been aware of, such as:

  • Mental health issues
  • Unrealistic workloads
  • Poor tools for the job
  • Bad management
  • Messages bad mouthing the company
  • Chats moaning about jobs
  • Bullying
  • Offensive language & trash talk
  • Threats of physical violence
  • Hate speech
  • Exposing the business to cyberattacks

Peace Of Mind For Managers and Business Owners

Keep your staff safe at work. Also, protect your business from unproductive employees with our easy-to-use employee monitoring software for Windows.

OM Spy lets you see a complete overview of their computer & laptop usage. Screenshots, website history and keylogs will help you protect them and your business.

  1. Detect Suspicious Activity
    See instances of unproductive staff and internet usage abuse. See things you wouldn't otherwise know about. Things such as employee bullying, chats about your company and job satisfaction. This empowers you as a manager or business owner to keep your employees and business safe.
  2. Peace Of Mind
    See all employees activity from your easy-to-use and secure dashboard area. This is accessible 24/7. From your phone, tablet or computer. View recordings anytime and anywhere via your secure online account.
  3. Easy To Use
    A one-time setup takes under 5 minutes. Once installed, viewing the recordings is as easy as checking your email.
Peace Of Mind For Managers and Business Owners

Monitor & Protect Your Employees Now

OM Spy is easy to use computer and laptop software for monitoring and protecting your employees. It is invisible, so they will be unaware their activity is being monitored. Once purchased you can easily start monitoring activity in less than 5 minutes.

Monitor & Protect Your Employees Now