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Monitor Everything Typed With Keystroke Software

Monitor What They Type

Quick summary

  • OM Spy is undetectable computer surveillance software
  • Everything they type can be recorded
  • Recordings can be viewed anytime and anywhere from a secure online account

OM Spy records every keyboard key pressed and everything typed. This gives you a complete history of text entered.

OM Spy keystroke software captures everything typed in popular scenarios, such as: emails sent, searches, documents written and chat messages.

It doesn't matter if they use a laptop or computer, or what keyboard they have - OM Spy Keylogger monitors everything they typed.

Monitor What They Type
View Keylogs Remotely

View Keylogs Remotely

Recorded keylogs can be viewed from a secure online account. From here you can view everything typed to get a real insight of their computer activity.

Once signed in their keylogs can be viewed remotely. See all recorded computer keylogs from the privacy of your iPhone, iPad, Android device, laptop or PC.

There are 2 ways to view recorded keylogs:

  1. Timeline
    You can view the recorded keylogs in ascending or descending time order. This enables you to see a clear and easy to read trail of their activity.
  2. Search
    You can search the recorded keylogs, further helping you see what they typed. Keylogs can also be saved and printed out if required.

Protect Using Keylogs

OM Spy records keylogs. It also records screenshots and website history.

You have the option to record all 3. You can also select to record just a few of these.

Choosing to record keylogs can protect them by helping you to learn about their computer usage, for example:

  1. Children & Loved Ones
    Are your children and loved ones, such as your partner, chatting to people they shouldn't be? Are they being groomed online, are they involved in worrying chats or are they at risk of getting exposed to financial scams?
  2. Employees
    Are employees chatting about non work things instead of working? Are they typing up a CV and looking for jobs online on your time? Or could it be they risk exposing sensitive company data and exposing your business to scams, which could effect you financially?
Protect Using Keylogs

Start Recording Keystrokes Now

OM Spy is easy to use keystroke monitoring software. It is invisible, so the computer user will be unaware keylogs are being recorded. Once purchased you can start monitoring everything they typed in less than 5 minutes.

Start Recording Keystroke Now