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Protect Them And Monitor If Your Partner Is Cheating

Monitor Your Loved Ones Computer & Laptop Activity

OM Spy can monitor their computer and laptop activity. This can help you protect loved ones online, such as your wife, husband, partner and parents.

Monitor loved ones using our invisible and undetectable digital surveillance software. Once installed you will see everything.

Protect loved ones, such as your partner, by seeing their chats and screenshots. Detect people approaching them online for chats, exposure to financial scams, excessive gambling, harmful content and worrying patterns of behavior.

Protect yourself if you wonder how to know if your partner is cheating.

OM Spy is easy to setup and use, and a one-time install takes under 5 minutes. Once installed view recordings remotely from the comfort of your iPhone, iPad, Android, laptop or PC.

Monitor Your Loved Ones Online

Monitor Your Loved Ones Online & Computer Usage

Below are the 3 areas monitored. Please take the tour for a complete overview.

  1. Website History
    See every website they visited. It doesn't matter which browser they use, all are invisibly recorded. Recordings are still made even if they use private or incognito mode.

    Even if they delete their web history from the browser, OM Spy has already recorded everything to your secure online account, meaning you wont miss a thing.
  2. Screenshots
    Regular screenshots of their computer screen are taken. This enables you to see hundreds of screenshots. You will have the power to view everything, just as if you were sitting at the computer or laptop with your loved ones.
  3. Keylogs
    Keylogging is the process of capturing what they type. For example, see chats, emails and everything else they typed.

How It Works

Records Their Activity

How It Works - 1

OM Spy is installed on their computer or laptop. This is a one time action. It then invisibly records computer activity, reliably day in day out.

Sends to Your Account

How It Works - 2

The recordings are encrypted and sent to your secure online account. This includes screenshots, websites visited & text typed

View From Anywhere

How It Works - 3

Log in to your OM Spy account and view the recordings. You can use any device with a web browser, e.g. your phone, tablet and laptop.

Protect Loved Ones Against Online Scams

See risks and threats your partner, wife or husband could be exposed to online.

Protect them and yourself by detecting potential issues you normally wouldn't be aware of, such as:

  • Exposing your joint bank account to scams, which could effect you financially
  • Excessive shopping and spending online
  • Providing joint personal data to dubious websites & chats
  • Cyberattacks and scams that could warrant your devices and files useless
  • Scams that could expose your personal details
Protect Loved Ones Against Online Scams

68% worried about their family falling victim to scams

"Beyond the profoundly destructive and life-destroying impact scams have, the climate of fear is apparent, with 68% of people reporting that they are worried for either themselves, their family, or friends falling victim to scams, a level of concern shared across all age groups."

Source citizensadvice: Millions targeted by a scammer so far this year

Victims lost money to romance scams and investment fraud

"The top three crimes reported by victims were phishing scams, non-payment/non-delivery scams, and extortion. Victims lost the most money to business email compromise scams, romance and confidence schemes, and investment fraud. "

Source BBC: Internet Crime Complaint Center - Internet Crime Report

Protect Loved Ones Against Social Media & Online Chat

Protect Loved Ones Against Social Media & Online Chat

Their social media usage should be safe and fun. Sadly it can be full of risks. Use OM Spy to ensure they are protected, and spot:

  • Potential mental health issues
  • Involvement with the wrong types of groups and people
  • Active flirting, cheating or arranging meet-ups
  • Online bullying
  • Threats of physical violence
  • Blackmail attempts

Sometimes think about how to know if your partner is cheating? Want to know who are they talking to? You can monitor and protect against the following:

  • Approaching or being approached by people wanting to date them, via unsolicited chats
  • Chatting to people they shouldn't be
  • Participating in fantasy/adult chat rooms
  • Sending or being sent inappropriate pictures and messages from strangers
  • Messages harassing and stalked them online

Affairs started on social media cause of 33% of divorces

"One study by family law specialists reveals that social media was cited as a cause of marital collapse among one-third of divorcing couples polled."

Source bestlifeonline: 20 Social Media Habits That Are Technically Cheating

Facebook alone involved with 20% of divorce cases

"I had heard from my divorce lawyers that there were a lot of people saying they had found out things about their partners on Facebook. I was really surprised to see 20% of all the petitions containing references to Facebook. The most common reason seemed to be people having inappropriate chats with people they were not supposed to."

Source theadventurouswriter: Is Your Husband Using Facebook to Cheat on You? 5 Signs

Protect Loved Ones When Gaming & Gambling Online

Internet addiction is a real thing. Protect your partner, wife or husband from the dangers by getting knowledge of these worrying habits early.

Gaming addiction and risks:

  • Gaming for excessive lengths of time
  • Spending too much money on in-game purchases
  • Communicating with strangers
  • Personal information being shared or requested
  • Potential victim of common financial scams

Gambling addiction and risks:

  • Gambling for large amounts of time
  • Spending and risking too much money
  • Getting into debt
  • Searching the web for gambling help

Other forms of online addition:

  • Social media
  • Adult content and webcam services
  • Online shopping and auction websites
  • Trading stocks
Protect Loved Ones When Gaming & Gambling Online

Three to five gamblers out of every hundred struggles with a gambling problem

"Gambling addiction statistics show how problem gambling can up-end a person’s life in more ways than one. Not unlike other types of addiction, people most susceptible to gambling also suffer from other disorders of which they may or may not be aware."

Source addictions.com: 5 Alarming Gambling Addiction Statistics

Gambling addiction could be nine times higher than industry claims

"The fastest growing area is online slot machines and casino games, which carry significantly higher rates of addiction, according to previous surveys."

Source The Guardian: Gambling addiction could be nine times higher than industry claims

Peace Of Mind For You

Keep your partner, wife or husband safe online. Protect your parents online. Seeing screenshots, website history and keylogs of their activity will help you protect them.

  1. Detect Suspicious Activity
    See things you wouldn't otherwise detect. This enables you to take action and help them earlier.
  2. Peace Of Mind
    Rest assured and see their activity 24/7. From your phone, tablet or computer. View recordings anytime and anywhere via your secure online account.
  3. Easy To Use
    A one-time setup takes under 5 minutes. Once installed, viewing the recordings is as easy as checking your email.
Peace Of Mind

Monitor & Protect Your Loved Ones Now

OM Spy is easy to use computer and laptop software for monitoring and protecting others. You can protect yourself if you wonder how to know if your partner is cheating. The software is invisible, so they will be unaware their activity is being monitored. Once purchased you can easily start monitoring activity in less than 5 minutes.

Monitor & Protect Your Loved Ones Now