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Protect Your Children With Parental Control Software

Monitor Your Children's Computer & Laptop Activity

OM Spy can monitor your children's computer and laptop activity so you can help protect them online.

Monitor your children using our invisible and undetectable digital surveillance software. Once installed you will see everything.

Protect your children by seeing their chats with potential online predators. Gain knowledge of possible social media bullying, exposure to financial scams, excessive gaming, inappropriate content and worrying patterns of behavior.

OM Spy parental control software is easy to setup and use, and a one-time install takes under 5 minutes. Once installed view recordings remotely from the comfort of your iPhone, iPad, Android, laptop or PC.

Monitor Your Children Online

Monitor Your Children's Online & Computer Usage

Below are the main 3 areas you can monitor. Please take the product tour for a full overview of monitoring options.

  1. Website History
    Record every website, web search and link clicked on. It doesn't matter which browser they use. Chrome, Edge, Firefox and IE are all recorded. OM Spy will still record all their activity even if they use private or incognito mode.

    Superior to the standard web history option found in browsers. Even if they delete their web history, OM Spy has already recorded everything to your account.
  2. Screenshots
    OM Spy takes frequent snapshots of their computer screen. You can view hundreds of screenshots to get a real insight of their online activity. This gives you the power to view everything, as if you were sitting at the computer or laptop with them.
  3. Keylogs
    Keylogging enables you to track everything they typed. For example see: chats written, web searches and documents. You will see everything they typed via any type of program.

How It Works

Records Childs Activity

How It Works - 1

OM Spy is installed on your children's computer or laptop. This is one time action. It then invisibly records computer activity, day in day out.

Sends to Your Account

How It Works - 2

The recordings of your children's usage are encrypted and sent to your secure online account. This includes screenshots, websites & text typed.

View From Anywhere

How It Works - 3

Log in to your OM Spy account and view the recordings. You can use any device with a web browser, e.g. your phone, tablet and laptop.

Protect Your Children Against Social Media & Online Chat

OM Spy empowers parents by showing risks and threats your children may be exposed to online.

Parental control software can help protect them online, by enabling you to see information about potential issues you otherwise may not have been aware of, such as:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Online bullying
  • Offensive language
  • Trash talk
  • Threats of physical violence
  • Hate speech

Spot major issues. For example, if they are:

  • Being groomed online
  • Involved with the wrong groups and people
  • Exposed to scams, which could effect you financially
Protect Your Children Against Social Media & Online Chat
Protect Your Children When Gaming Online

Protect Your Children When Gaming Online

Their gaming should be safe and fun. Sadly online gaming is full of risks. Use OM Spy to ensure they are protected from:

  • Gaming for excessive lengths of time
  • Spending too much money on in-game purchases
  • Communicating with strangers
  • Exposure to child sexual exploitation via in game chat
  • Personal information being shared or requested
  • Potential victim of common financial scams
  • Profanity, trash talking, and hate speech

Online games are hugely popular for kids. For example, Roblox is played by more than 25 million children worldwide. Unfortunately, most online games children play contain upsetting and harmful content.


"I (Girl Aged 14) was playing Roblox and I was on a game where you work at a pizza place and two people were pressuring girls to do inappropriate stuff with them and if they did, they would get extra money in the game."

Source BBC: Roblox: More children say they've seen worrying content or suffered abuse


"Parents need to know that predators will use any means possible to target and exploit a child. I am asking parents and guardians to please make sure you know who your children meet online, and talk to them about sexual predators."

Source BBC: Fortnite predator 'groomed children on voice chat'

Protect Your Children Browsing & Using The Web

Find out if they waste time online instead of doing homework. Also protect your children against potential pitfalls when browsing the web. Are they looking at websites such as:

  • Adult sites
  • Gambling sites
  • Searching for inappropriate things
  • Scam sites that put them at risk
  • Illegal sites and dark web sites
  • Shopping sites and buying things they shouldn't be
Protect Your Children On The Web

Monitor & Protect Your Children Online

The following stats make for horrifying reading. By using a parental control software product, you can take steps to ensure your children are protected by monitoring their computer and online activity.

17% Chat With Strangers

Approximately one in six children (17%) aged 10-15 spoke with someone online they had never met before in the previous 12 months.

5% Met A Stranger

An estimated 5% of children aged 10-15 met up in person with someone they had only spoken to online in the previous 12 months.

11% Receive Inappropriate Messages

Around 1 in 10 children (11%) aged 13-15 years reported receiving a sexual message, while 1 in 100 reported sending a sexual message, in the previous 12 months.

85% Exposed To Bullying

72% of tweens and 85% of teens experienced bullying as a bully, victim, or witness.

68-91% Saw Sexual Content

68% of tweens and 91% of teens encountered nudity or content of a sexual nature.

81-95% Came Across Violence

81% of tweens and 95% of teens expressed or experienced violent subject matter/thoughts.

10-21% Experienced Predatory behavior

10% of tweens and 21% of teens encountered predatory behavior from someone online.

43-75% Self-harm Situations

43% of tweens and 75% of teens were involved in a self-harm/suicidal situation.

75-93% Had Drugs & Alcohol Chat

75% of tweens and 93% of teens engaged in conversations surrounding drugs/alcohol.

Peace Of Mind For Parents

Keep your children safe online. See a complete overview of their computer & laptop usage with our easy-to-use parental control software for Windows. Access to screenshots, website history and chat logs will help you protect them.

  1. Detect Suspicious Activity
    See instances of cyberbullying, potential predators and gaming behavior. See things you wouldn't otherwise know about. This empowers you as a parent to keep your children safe online.
  2. Peace Of Mind
    Rest assured and see their activity 24/7. From your phone, tablet or computer. View recordings anytime and anywhere via your secure online account.
  3. Easy To Use
    A one-time setup takes under 5 minutes. Once installed, viewing the recordings is as easy as checking your email.
Peace Of Mind For Parents

Monitor & Protect Your Children Now

OM Spy is easy to use computer and laptop software for monitoring and protecting your children. It is invisible, so they will be unaware their activity is being monitored. Once purchased you can easily start monitoring activity in less than 5 minutes.

Monitor & Protect Your Children Now