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Remote Computer Monitoring Software

Monitor Computer Use Remotely

Quick summary

  • OM Spy is undetectable computer surveillance software
  • Screenshots, keylogs and web history can be recorded
  • Recordings can be viewed anytime and anywhere from a secure online account

OM Spy enables you to record their computer and laptop usage. The OM Spy application only requires a one-time install on the device you wish to monitor.

Once installed you never have to access the device again. This means no risky and inconvenient access to the device is needed to view recordings.

Recordings can be viewed from a secure online account. From here you can view their computer activity remotely from any device with a web browser. This can be your iPhone, iPad, Android device, laptop or PC.

Monitor Computer Use Remotely
Handles Everything For You

Handles Everything For You

The one-time install process is seamless. It only requires you to enter your email and choose a password.

OM Spy securely encrypts the recorded screenshots, keylogs and website history. It also handles multiple users and allows remote access from anywhere with an internet connection.

You can even uninstall remotely if you choose to stop using.

How It Works

Records Activity

Remote Viewing Step 1

OM Spy is installed on their computer or laptop. This is one time action. It then invisibly records computer activity, reliably day in day out.

Sends to Your Account

Remote Viewing Step 2

The recordings are encrypted and sent to your secure online account. This includes screenshots, websites visited & text typed

View From Anywhere

Remote Viewing Step 3

Sign in to your OM Spy account and view the recordings. You can use any device with a web browser, e.g. your phone, tablet and laptop.

Protect Using Remote Viewing

View recordings of their computer usage with easy-to-use remote computer monitoring software for Windows. See everything remotely and take action if required. Protect your children, loved ones and employees from the many dangers of the internet.

You can choose to view screenshots, websites visited and keylogs of chats. Or you could choose to view just 1 or 2 of these. The choice of how much or how little you record is up to you.

See how viewing their computer activity remotely can protect them in many ways:
View Your Children's Computer Remotely
View Loved Ones Computer Remotely
View Employees Computer Remotely

Protect Using Remote Viewing

View Computer Activity Remotely Now

OM Spy is easy to use remote monitoring software. It is invisible, so the computer user will be unaware their computer activity is being tracked remotely. Once purchased you can start monitoring remotely in less than 5 minutes.

View Computer Activity Remotely Now