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Secretly Record Computer Remotely

Remote Viewing

With OM Spy you have two methods to view the recorded data:

  1. From The Monitored Computer
    Once you unhide OM Spy you can access everything recorded. This means you'll need to use the computer or laptop that is being monitored to view the recordings.
  2. Remote Viewing - From Any Web Browser
    View the secret recordings from your secure OM Spy online account. Once signed in to your account you can view all the recorded data. This can be from the privacy of your iPhone, iPad, Android device, laptop or PC.
Remote Viewing

Powerful Remote Surveillance

On occasions it can be tricky to access the recordings from the computer or laptop you installed OM Spy on. This is why the remote surveillance option can be so powerful.

Once remote viewing has been set-up, you never have to access the device again. This means you can record their activity, but view the results from any device.

Multiple Devices

Be amazed at how simple it is set up remote viewing, especially as it takes less than 30 seconds to activate.

Furthermore, you can log on to your secure remote account from many devices. This means you can view the recordings wherever you happen to be.

View Computer From Phone

Start Remotely Viewing Their Activity

OM Spy enables you to spy on their computer & laptop from the privacy of your phone, tablet and computer. Super simple to install and easy to set-up, you can be remote viewing in less then 5 minutes. OM Spy operates with the target having no idea their activity is being recorded.

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