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Email Spy Software

View Their Emails

OM Spy captures all emails sent and read. This includes Yahoo Mail, Gmail and many other online email services. It also includes software programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.

  1. Online Email
    See their emails and what they sent. Works for all online email providers.
  2. Email Programs
    Find out what they send and receive from Outlook and other email apps. OM Spy allows you to find out what did on all types of email apps and programs.
View Social Media Data
Record Emails & Chat

Record Their Chats

OM Spy records messaging applications downloaded to their computer or laptop. For example Instant Messager and Sykpe conversations are all recorded.

Many websites offer chat features too. OM Spy also records these types of chats.

  1. Online Chat
    1000's of websites such as social networks and gaming sites offer online chat windows and chat rooms. Because OM Spy records all internet activity, you will see what they did on these sites.
  2. Chat Apps
    Know what they send and receive from computer and laptop chat programs such as Slack, Teams, Messenger and WhatsApp. OM Spy enables you to see what did on all types of chat apps and chat programs.

Remotely View Email Activity

OM Spy provides you with the benefit of being able to remotely view their email activity. View their recorded email and chat activity from your secure online account.

You can see the emails written, received and chat history. All from the privacy of your iPhone, iPad, Android device, laptop or PC.

Once enabled and set-up, remote viewing means you'll never have to access their laptop or computer.

View Email Activity

Start Recording Emails and Chats

OM Spy is super easy use. Once purchased you can have OM Spy recording their emails and chats. It takes less than 5 minutes to purchase, set-up and get going. OM Spy is unseen, with the target having no idea their emails and chats are being monitored.

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