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Secretly Record Keystrokes

See Everything They Typed

Every key on the keyboard they press is recorded in secret. This lets you see everything they typed and when they typed it. OM Spy keylogs all their keyboard activity, including every word written, all information typed and searches made.

It doesn't matter if they use a laptop or computer, or even what keyboard is used - OM Spy records it all in total secrecy.

Secretly Record Keystrokes

Invisibly Record Keystrokes

With OM Spy you can view each word typed in documents, emails, chat rooms, messages, search engines - in fact you will see everything they typed.

When you view the secretly recorded keylogs, they are displayed in ascending time order. This enables you to see a clear and easy to read trail of their activity.

OM Spy allows you to search the recorded data too, further helping you see what they typed.

Remotely View Keylogs

OM Spy additionally offers you the ability to remotely view their keyboard typing activity. This means the keyboard activity is viewable online from our secure website.

Once you sign in to your OM Spy account, you can view every word written, information typed and searches made from the privacy of your Android device, iPhone, iPad, PC or laptop.

The remote viewing feature means you'll never need to access their laptop or computer once OM Spy has been installed.

Remote Keylogger

Start Secretly Recording Keystrokes

OM Spy is really quick to set-up and very easy to use. Once OM Spy is purchased you can install it and secretly record their keyboard activity in less than 5 minutes. OM Spy is totally undetectable - the computer user will have no clue everything they type is being secretly recorded.

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