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Website Spy Software

See Their Web History

Record every website, web search and link clicked on with OM Spy. You'll be able to view their web history by time and you'll see everything they did online.

It doesn't matter which browser they use, OM Spy records them all. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox are all recorded in total secrecy.

See Web History
View Website History

Record All Websites In Secret

  1. Private Mode
    All browsers have a private mode which hides the users history. You can rest assured OM Spy will still record all their activity even in private mode.
  2. Website History
    OM Spy's website monitoring is superior to the standard browser history function. Even if they delete their web history from the browser, OM Spy has recorded everything.
  3. Easy Access Filters
    There are handy time saving filters to see all the types of websites they viewed. Filter their website history by social networks, jobs, shopping, adult, gambling and more.

Remotely View Website History

OM Spy also gives you the power to remotely view their website history. This means you can view the websites they visited from your secure OM Spy online account.

View all the websites they accessed from the privacy of your iPhone, iPad, Android device, laptop or PC.

Once you install OM Spy and set-up remote viewing, you'll never have to access the targets device again.

Remotely View Web History

Start Secretly Recording Websites

OM Spy is very easy to set-up and use. Once purchased OM Spy can be installed and recording websites visited in less than 5 minutes. OM Spy records with the target having no idea their web usage is being logged.

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