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Invisible & Undetectable Spy Software

Totally Undetectable

OM Spy secretly records everything the user does on their computer or laptop. The user will be totally unaware that everything they do is being secretly recorded.

OM Spy has been designed to be totally invisible and undetectable and can't be detected by any normal method. It doesn’t appear in the computer file system, start menu, program list, uninstall list, taskbar or program manager.


Secret Access

Because OM Spy is totally hidden, it can only be accessed by you. You access it by using your secret keyboard combination and entering your secret password.

OM Spy automatically and invisibly starts each time the computer is turned on, or when a new user logs on. This means you can be sure it's working, even if you can't see the application anywhere.

Remotely View Their Activity In Secret

OM Spy offers you the power to remotely view their computer in total secrecy. This means all their activity that is secretly recorded can be viewed online from our secure website.

Once you sign in to your OM Spy account, you can view everything they did from the privacy of your Android device, iPhone, iPad, computer or laptop.

The remote viewing feature means you never need to access their laptop or computer once OM Spy has been installed.

Remotely View Computer

Start Secretly Recording Their PC & Laptop

OM Spy is very straight-forward to configure and operate. Once purchased you can have OM Spy installed and secretly recording all their activity in as little as than 5 minutes. OM Spy runs totally silently and invisibly with the target having no idea their computer or laptop is being secretly monitored.

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