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Invisible & Undetectable Spy Software

Totally Undetectable

OM Spy records everything the user does on their computer or laptop in secret. The user will be unaware that everything they do is being recorded.

A computer does thousands of calculations at any given time. You don’t see these, but are happening all the time. Spy software works in the the same way. It invisibly goes about recording keys typed, websites visited and general computer activity.

It also takes hundreds of screenshots of their activity. It then and puts this in a super easy-to-read format for you. The person being recorded will have no idea.


OM Spy works in the background and is invisible and undetectable. OM Spy is undetectable by any normal method. It doesn’t appear in the file system, menu, programs, uninstall list, taskbar or program manager.

Secret Access

Because OM Spy is undetectable, only you can open it. To access it you use a secret keyboard combination and then enter your secret password

OM Spy starts each time their computer or laptop is turned on, or when a new user logs on. This means you can be sure it's working, even if you can't see the application anywhere.

Remotely View Their Activity In Secret

OM Spy offers you the power to remotely view their computer in total secrecy. This means all their recorded activity is accessible online from your secure account.

Once you sign in to your account, you can see everything they did. All from the privacy of your Android device, iPhone, iPad, computer or laptop.

The remote viewing feature means you never need to access their laptop or computer to view the logs.

Remotely View Computer

Start Secretly Recording Their PC & Laptop

OM Spy is a breeze to configure and operate. Once purchased you can have OM Spy installed and recording their activity in as little as than 5 minutes. OM Spy runs with the target having no idea their computer or laptop is being monitored.

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