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Read Someone's Email And Chats

Monitor Their Emails

Quick summary

  • OM Spy is undetectable computer surveillance software
  • Emails and chats can be recorded
  • Recordings can be viewed anytime and anywhere from a secure online account

OM Spy records emails sent and read. This includes Gmail and many other online email services. It also includes email applications such as Outlook.

  1. Online Email
    See their emails and what they sent. Works for all online email providers.
  2. Email Applications
    Monitor what they send and receive from Outlook and other email apps.
Monitor Their Emails
Monitor Their Online Chats Remotely

Monitor Their Online Chats Remotely

OM Spy records messaging applications downloaded to their computer or laptop. It also records websites chats such as Facebook messaging and online forums.

  1. Online Chat
    Lots of websites such as social media and gaming sites offer online chat rooms. Because OM Spy records all internet activity, these chats are monitored.
  2. Chat Apps
    Know what they send and receive from computer and laptop chat programs such as Slack, Teams and Messenger.
  3. View Remotely
    From a secure online account you can view their emails & chats. See all recorded email and chat activity from the privacy of your iPhone, iPad, Android device, laptop or PC.

Protect Them By Using Email & Chat Monitoring

Protect your children, loved ones and employees from unsolicited emails and chats that may be a scam. Protect them from fraudsters asking for bank details via sneaky practices.

Protect your children from the risks of online chats. Monitor for cases of cyberbullying, scams, potential predators and online grooming.

Protect Using Email & Chat History

Start Recording Email & Chat Activity Now

OM Spy is easy to use email & chat monitoring software. It is invisible, so the computer user will be unaware email and chat activity is being recorded. Once purchased you can start monitoring email and chat usage in less than 5 minutes.

Start Recording Email & Chat Activity Now